What’s the best type of domain name to opt for?

multiple domain names for your site

As much as your online presence is crucial these days, we want you to start thinking that your domain name is a valuable asset too. Never leave it to the last minute tasks. Or someone else might win the name before you, and will make it unavailable. For this reason, you must take it off the market as soon as possible. Yes, you hear it right but why so hurry? This is because domain names are cheaply available out there. They cost around few dollars per year so it’s absolutely worth taking the one you want off the market.

It is understandable if some questions come to your mind like, how and which domain name to go for? What are the criteria to select the best one? Are they all same or some might do well for your business?

Should my domain and business name need to be similar?

It’s not necessary to pick a similar domain name as your business name. It could be either related to your niche or may be a city or country name – where your business is located. So, you have complete freedom to make a choice whichever you want to.

Which is The Best Domain Extension?

When it comes to domains extension, you really have got loads and loads of choices. You may choose whatever you want to. However, first thing you must give heed to be the prices domains extension offer, and their easy to remember feature. The most easily recognized ones are com, com.uk, net, and org. In addition, nowadays you will find many industry-related extensions such as .photographer or .hosting and many more.

What is domain parking and why use it?

Sometimes you get multiple domain names for your site. In a case like this, you can redirect all of them to your main site. This is called domain parking. For instance, your main site is .org, but you have also bought co.uk and .com, all you can do is set up domain parking and if any user will go to .com will be directed to .org. it’s simple to do and doesn’t cost you huge. By doing so, people will always end up at right place whenever they will search related to your business niche.

Do I need to register SEO Friendly Domains?

Fact is we live in era of SEO and Google ranking. If you select a domain name with lots of keywords in them, it will help you get a high ranking in search engine.

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